Why is maintaining your dental health important? Well…..it’s more than what meets the eye. Shiny peraly whites aren’t there just for aesthetic reasons and changes in the oral cavity with regards to your teeth, gums, tongue, and jaw bone can have a significant impact not only in your dental health but your overall health.

You should understand your own oral health needs.

Dental health can be affected by your overall health and vice versa. Cancer treatments, pregnancy, heart diseases, diabetes can all impact your oral health and may necessitate a change in the care of your mouth and teeth.

There are many signs and symptoms of different health diseases that can manifest in the mouth.

For example, changes in the size, shape, texture and inflammation of the gums, floor of the mouth and even tongue can be early signs of many different conditions including uncontrolled diabetes, medication related gum disease, oral cancer and even leukemia to name a few.

Comprehensive examination from your dentist atleast twice a year can detect any of these changes and possibly detect a problem before it gets worse.

As always, be sure to tell your dentist if you have experienced a change in your general health or in any medications you are taking since your last dental visit. Accurate and proper medical history is very important.

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