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When is it recommended to remove the wisdom teeth?

It is generally recommended to remove the wisdom teeth when:

1. They are partially erupted, as this can leave an open communication for bacteria to enter and cause an infection

2. They are growing in such a way that they can damage adjacent teeth or bite into your cheek

3. If a cyst (fluid filled sac) forms, destroying surrounding structures such as bone or tooth roots.

Fully erupted 3rd molars in proper bite, without decay or gum disease have no clinical reasons for a full removal. Although, certain dental providers argue that taking the 3rd molars out early in their developments may prevent future nerve damage especially on bottom teeth. The theory is that once the 3rd molars fully develop, their roots may involve the nerve canal which may be damaged during tooth removal.

Be sure to report any signs or symptoms of wisdom tooth related pain to your dentist. A thorough examination and evaluation of gums and teeth on a regular basis can avoid any possible complications in future.

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