Many people may not know that April is National Oral Cancer Awareness Month; after all when people hear about cancer awareness it usually refers to breast or lung cancer, however, most people are not aware of the dangers of oral cancers and how deadly this disease can be.

At Round Lake Family Dentistry, we take pride in focusing on preventative aspects of oral care including screening for Oral Cancer.   

So Let’s learn a bit more about this deadly disease and how we can prevent it…. 

Oral cancers can affect the:

  • Lips
  • Lining of the lips and cheeks
  • Upper and lower gums
  • Tongue and floor of the mouth under the tongue
  • Hard and soft palate
  • Throat
  • Tonsils

As with any type of cancer, there are certain risk factors that put people at high risk for oral cancer.  People who smoke, consume alcohol heavily, have poor oral hygiene or have been infected with the Human papillomavirus (HPV virus) are at increased risk for oral cancer.

While oral cancer is not as well-known as other types such as breast cancer and lung cancer, it will affect over 49,000 people this year with an 83% survival rate if found and treated early.  So how is oral cancer found?

Regular visits to the dentist for screenings is the first and best way to detect oral cancer.  At your dental visit, your Streamwood dentist – Dr. Shah will check for lumps, bumps and abnormal tissue appearance within the mouth and if any abnormalities are noted, we will arrange for a more in depth diagnostic test with a biopsy.  The clinical screening does not take very long, but it has been proven to make a significant impact in detecting oral cancer at an early stage.

In honor of National Oral Cancer Awareness Month, Round Lake Family Dentistry will be preforming free oral cancer screenings at your regularly scheduled visits.  If it’s been a while since we’ve seen you; simply call (847)740-0217 or schedule your appointment online on

Prevention coupled with regular dental visits and screenings work together to help us detect oral cancer and treat this disease effectively with great success.

Call 847-740-0217 today to set up your appointment.  We look forward to seeing you.