Innovative Dental Technology

Digital X-rays

All of our x-rays are completely digital, and expose you to 90% less radiation than regular film x-rays. Just like a snap and shoot digital camera, your x-rays are available almost instantaneously. Also, because they are visible on the computer immediately your dentist will be able to discuss the findings and show you particular areas of your teeth and educate you more thoroughly.

Intraoral Camera

You see what we see. With our valuable intraoral camera, your dentist will be able to capture necessary images of questionable areas within your mouth and you will be able to see what we see. Every patient will go through a comprehensive and thorough examination that will involve taking up-close pictures of failing large restorations, cavities and other areas of your mouth. This will help your dentist Dr. Kalpit and Dr. Lucy monitor and maintain the overall health of your mouth.

Rotary Endodontics

Root canals are a dreaded procedure by many and patients frequently anticipate long, painful appointments when they hear of a root canal treatment. Here at Round Lake Family Dentistry, your dentist utilizes an electric hand piece to perform the root canal treatment much quicker and more efficiently. The electric hand piece is much quieter and cleans and shapes the canals faster without any drill noise. Many times, your dentist may be able to complete the entire procedure in just one visit if deemed appropriate.