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“Everyone is incredibly understanding, empathetic, and really nice! I had a filling that fell out, and they were able to get me [in] the next day, and ensured I was well taken care of. They were thorough in their evaluation to cover any possibility or complication too, which alleviated any anxiety . . . And the whole process, including the cleaning, has been easy and free of any discomfort or pain.”

Ryan B.

Discovering you have a cavity is a bummer, but it’s nothing to worry about! We treat them with precision metal free, tooth colored- fillings every day!

At Round Lake Family Dentistry, our team works hard to make treatment as simple, convenient, and pleasant as possible. Plus, the earlier you visit for a filling, the more likely you’ll be to avoid a potential emergency later.

Call 224.424.0401 to schedule a short appointment at our Round Lake, IL office, and get your tooth back in tiptop shape.

It’s always better to fix a tooth before it gets complicated. Schedule an appointment with our Round Lake Family Dentistry team today so you can get the filling you need and avoid a bigger issue later.

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