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Here at Round Lake Family Dentistry, we strive to continue to learn and keep up with the new technologies that improve the quality of care we’re able to provide for patients of all ages. We are always looking for ways to improve our patients’ level of comfort and clinical care. We are thrilled to announce that we’re adding Dental Laser Treatment options for all of our patients.

This revolutionary Soft Tissue Laser uses laser energy to perform a variety of soft tissue dental procedures. Studies have shown that laser dentistry can be far less traumatic than other instruments, especially for young apprehensive patients. Laser technology allows us to perform variety of soft tissue procedures with better precision, no use of scalpels, decreased pain, bleeding time and faster healing times.

Some of the advantages of Laser Dentistry over conventional dental instruments are:

• Your comfort: Heat, vibration and pressure are the primary causes of pain associated with the use of traditional instruments. Since the laser cuts soft tissue without heat, vibration or pressure, we can perform many procedures with fewer shots and less anesthesia

• Accuracy & Precision & reduced trauma: A highly focused laser beam allows us to treat a specific area without damaging surrounding tissues

• Less Swelling & Bleeding : Laser performs many soft tissue procedures with little or no bleeding and less post- operative swelling

• Fewer Visits Required: Since most dental procedures can be performed without anesthetizing the patient, the laser technology allows us to perform more dental procedures in each setting and hence, reduces the number of visits required to complete restorative dental work for all of our patients.

As always, feel free to ask any of our doctors and/or team members regarding any concerns or questions you may have about dental laser treatments.

Call us at 847-740-0217 without any hesitation. We look forward to creating healthy smiles…….Starting with yours!

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