Expert Orthodontic Treatment in Round Lake Beach and Surrounding areas – Bringing out the best in Our Patients’ Smiles

We understand it’s hard enough to keep up with your regular dental visits, let alone orthodontic treatment.  Our expert orthodontist at Round Lake Family Dentistry provides orthodontic solutions from the comfort of your dental home.

The process starts with an initial consultation.  Based on our patients’ needs and desires, our dentists will review your case and discuss your priorities, your budget, and ideal timeline to help us come up with the best solution for you. Depending on your individual treatment goals, we will customize the proper solution for traditional braces or Invisalign – Clear Braces, and you will come back to see us regularly for adjustments until we’ve achieved smile perfection.

What is Orthodontics? – A Solution for every Crooked Smile!

Orthodontics is dental treatment that focuses on straightening and aligning your teeth and jaws to give you a fantastic smile. Not only can orthodontic treatment, such as braces and Invisalign® dramatically improve your confidence and self-image, it can also have a positive impact on your overall health by making teeth easier to clean, allowing you to chew properly, preventing bone and gum loss.  At Round Lake Family Dentistry, we have a board certified orthodontist on staff providing the best orthodontic smile solutions for kids and adults.  Let the experts at Round Lake Family Dentistry help you get the smile you desire!

The Benefits of OrthodonticTreatment

Aside from the cosmetic improvement, there are a variety of immediate and long-term advantages of orthodontic treatment such as:

  • Correcting the crowding of teeth to allow for better home care
  • Creating facial symmetry by improving jaw and teeth position
  • Minimizing risk for trauma by aligning protruding teeth
  • Preventing the need for teeth extractions due to lack of space
  • Breaking poor oral habits like thumb sucking or tongue thrusting – especially in Childhood
  • Alleviating issues with speaking and chewing
  • A fantastic smile & Improved self-esteem and confidence

Round Lake Family Dentistry has Expert dentists specializing in Invisalign® – Clear Braces

Looking for an alternative to metal braces? Invisalign® is a revolutionary new way to straighten teeth without using metal wires and brackets or bands on your teeth. Invisalign® uses clear tray aligners that are custom fitted for you based on the necessary movements required for your teeth. There are no unsightly metal bands or wires that irritate your gums and cheeks. The almost invisible clear aligners are changed every few weeks and they will slowly align your teeth to create a smile that you always wanted. Results can appear as fast as six months. Many have chosen this alternative to metal braces because of the ease of use with these clear invisible aligners and their effective results. Call now at (847) 740-0217 for your FREE Invisalign® consultation!


Worried About how to afford Orthodontic Treatment ?

We understand costs associated with braces are always a concern. We also believe that making an investment in your health, your confidence, and your quality of life is worth it.  Our mission at Round Lake Family Dentistry has always been to provide best quality dental care at an affordable price.  We’re happy to discuss flexible payment option to help you fit orthodontics into your monthly budget.  Call us @ (847)740-0217 or Schedule Online for your complimentary Orthodontic consultation with the expert orthodontist in Round Lake Beach area and let us show you how easy it is to achieve the smile of your dreams!