Bright For Life – $99 Lifetime Teeth Whitening Promotion


Here at Round Lake Family Dentistry, we use the latest industry approved methods to whiten your teeth. Our goal is to meet every patient’s need, therefore we offer in-office whitening and our Bright For Life, $99 Lifetime Teeth Whitening Promotion for our loyal patients.

    • For only $99, patients will receive one set custom whitening trays and whitening gel for 6-10 take home whitening treatments.
    • Additional gel will be provided indefinitely on a once per year basis for our loyal patients that maintain their bi-annual (twice per year) dental cleaning appointments @ Round Lake Dentistry to remain eligible for the lifetime whitening promotion
    • Full Examination and necessary dental treatment should be finished before any whitening treatment to avoid damaging the teeth.
    • Whitening treatment is not recommended for patients with active dental disease including cavities, gum disease, patients with extreme gum recession and fractured/broken teeth.
    • This offer is for Adults only(18 or older). No Cash Value

Call (847) 740-0217 with any questions or to make your appointment. We look forward to helping you Keep Smiling!!